I've lost weight!

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Ever since I started middle school, I’ve been a bit of a chubby kid. I was never into sports & honestly I just like food. The fact that my main hobby, computer stuff, requires me to sit down all the time doesn’t help my case either.

My health was never really a big concern for me, as I generally felt pretty good physically. A few months ago however, I finally found the courage to go donate blood (I absolutely despise needles)! Whenever you want to donate blood (at least, here in Belgium) they check your blood pressure to make sure you’re allowed to give blood, and that’s when I found out that my blood pressure was apparently way too high. This was a big eye-opener for me, as it was the first time I was being confronted with a consequence of my weight and just general lack of self-care.

Shortly after, I made an appointment with a doctor, who then referred me to a cardiologist, who then once again told me that my blood pressure is indeed way too high. Due to my young age however, they were hesitant to prescribe me medication and instead encouraged me to start exercising more to see if this helped the problem.

Suffice to say, my health has notably improved ever since I changed my lifestyle! I’ve started running regularly (and have been enjoying it surprisingely) and lowered my portion size when eating. For the first couple of weeks, I was constantly hungry, but afterwards my stomach adjusted. Nowadays, I’m already full after a portion half the size of before!

This post has been in the back of my mind for a while, but I wanted to wait until I hit a specific milestone. When I started losing weight, I weighed around 111kg, but a few days ago I weighed less than a hundred kilos for the first time in years! My weight definitely ballooned when I started university, so it felt really good to see that 99.9 on the scale. My blood pressure has also notably improved, thanks to the weight loss and exercise.

Of course I’m not going to stop now, but this was a specific goal that I had in mind to motivate myself to keep going. My friends and family have been commenting on my weight loss, and it’s really nice to hear people say that I lost weight for a change. I am grateful that this was discovered so soon. Being only twenty-one, I’m still more than capable of becoming healthier. I’d rather exercise now than deal with the possible implications from high blood pressure years down the road.

As usual, I have no idea how to end these posts; I just wanted to share my accomplishment, as I’m quite proud of it :) Anyways, if you’ve gotten this far, thank for you reading and have a very nice day <3