Tour of Flanders

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Yesterday, some friends & I met to “watch” the Tour of Flanders (gonna have to trust Google Translate on this one). Mind the quotes, because none of us really know anything about cycling ;p One of us just lived close to where the tour ended, so we used this as an excuse to organize a party at their place!

It was really fun standing in a big crowd of bystanders while the two frontrunners passed by. Everyone went wild! It really shows how cosy a group of Belgians can be if we just don’t talk about anything besides sports (let’s leave the politics aside).

Afterwards, we went back to their place, ate some delicious burgers courtesy of their mom, and watched De Mol together. For the rest of the evening we had some beer & wine (and a glass of Johnnie Walker Black Label ;) ), and just talked about everything. I really enjoy these kinds of evenings, chilling with friends, no pressure to go out, just relaxing & talking with some good booze :)

Bert having some fun while we're all focused on the big screen

After a few drinks (I gotta shave)