This project is a reimagining of my Vieter project. While its goal is to eventually fully replace Vieter, I’m following a different mindset on how to get there.

First and foremost, I want to make a well-designed Pacman repository server that anyone can set up on any device, be it a Raspberry Pi or a beefy server. Rieter should be usable for anything from a small personal repository all the way to a full mirror of a distribution’s package server.

Something that also fits nicely in this concept is mirroring. Rieter will support automatically mirroring upstream repositories. This could be used to support your distribution by setting up a new public mirror, or to speed up your updates by keeping a mirror of the repositories in your local network.

Only once I’ve created a robust repository server that can be used on its own will I start looking towards the package build system. This system will of course be redesigned from the ground up to (hopefully) eliminate all the technical debt that’s been accumulating in the Vieter codebase over the years.

With these two concepts combined, I hope to create a great ecosystem on which one can build anything from personal repositories to entire distributions.