Switching to Axum

In classic Jef fashion, it took me less than a week to completely overhaul the way my site works ;p Visually nothing’s changed, but internally the website is now being powered by a web server written in Rust, powered by Axum.

The reason for this is expandibility. While nginx is really good at what it does, it’s rather limited when it comes to implementing new features on top of it. However, even if it wasn’t, I would’ve still switched because I just really wanted to work in Rust once more :D

Favoritism aside, the plan is to join the IndieWeb network. To quote their homepage:

The IndieWeb is a people-focused alternative to the “corporate web”.

They’ve got some really great ideas about what the internet could be if we tried, and considering I agree with nearly all of them, I wanna join ;p

My first project will be to implement the Webmention protocol. This consists of a simple exchange of POST requests, where you notify another user’s site whenever you mention one of their posts. This in exchange allows them to display my response on their website, and vice versa! In essence, it’s simple decentralized commenting.

My plans after this are still vague. I might dip my toes into IndieAuth, microformats or any of the other cool concepts they’ve got the offer! Either way, the plan is to enjoy myself with this site ;p

If all goes well, this post will be the first new post to get published using my new deploy system, so fingers crossed :)

Have a lovely day <3