Vieter is my personal solution to a problem I’ve been facing for months: extremely long AUR package build times. I run EndeavourOS on all my systems, meaning I’m updating my systems fairly frequently. I really like being a beta-tester for projects & run development builds for multiple packages. Because of this, I have to regularly re-build these packages in order to stay up to date with development. However, these builds can take a really long time, even on my more powerful laptop. This project is a solution to that problem: instead of building the packages locally, I can build them automatically in the cloud & just download them whenever I update my system! Thanks to this solution, I’m able to shave 10-15 minutes off my update times, just from not having to compile everything every time there’s an update.

Besides this, it’s also just really useful to have a repository server that you control & can upload your own packages to. For example, I package my st terminal using a CI pipeline & upload it to my repository!