Vieter 0.2.0

Part of the Vieter series

When this post gets published, I’ll have successfully released version 0.2.0 of Vieter! For the uninitiated, Vieter is currently my biggest passion project. It’s an implementation of an Arch repository server, paired with a build system for automatically building packages from the AUR & other sources.

This release brings a lot of goodies; the changelog & release binaries can be found here. The biggest changes are that Vieter now supports multiple repositories with support for packages for multiple architectures! Besides that, there’s some bug fixing, improvements to the CLI & an added setting for the build system that allows for building on other architectures. The docs have also been updated to reflect this new update.

Of course, development won’t just stop now, I have too many ideas for that ;p 0.3.0 will bring with it some big improvements to the builder system, allowing for more flexibility & configuration.

If you’re interested in the project, join me over at on Matrix!

Cheers <3